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  Stephentown, New York

The Town Board will be holding a Public Hearing on June 12th, 2017 at 7:00pm on the proposed Local Law #1 of 2017 Dog Control & Licensure Law. Click here to review the draft law.

Planning Committee Public Meeting

Click here to view presentation from the Presentation that took place on March 27, 2017

Press Release

Stephentown Beneficiary of NY BPO State Grant

Stephentown Allocated $5.8m to Upgrade Town Broadband Infrastructure

Stephentown, NY March 8, 2017:  The town of Stephentown was allocated nearly $5.8 last week as part of a $27m grant to Fairpoint Communications for two projects to upgrade and modernize existing broadband infrastructure in Columbia and Rensselaer Counties. Supervisor Larry Eckhardt stated he was pleased with the support that the town has received through the NY Broadband Program Office (BPO). All the census tracts in Stephentown meet the FCC and BPO definitions for unserved or underserved household and business units. As such all 1543 residential and business units in town will be eligible to receive upgraded and high quality connections to the internet and other broadband services provided by FairPoint. Eckhardt said. “These awards will provide homes and businesses in Stephentown with access to the high-speed internet access required to participate and succeed in the modern economy, and are a major step toward broadband for all in Stephentown.”

About the New NY Broadband Program

Recognizing the importance of broadband infrastructure and building on prior State investments in broadband deployment, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in 2015, with legislative support, established the $500 million New NY Broadband Program. The Program provides New York State grant funding to support projects that deliver high-speed Internet access to Unserved and Underserved areas of the State, with priority to Unserved areas, Libraries, and Educational Opportunity Centers. Town Councilman Gerry Robinson who chaired the town’s Comprehensive Planning Committee’s subcommittee on Broadband Infrastructure stated “the grant resources will provide an important helping hand to meeting the identified needs for broadband infrastructure improvements identified in a survey that was conducted last Summer. It will also be an important lift to the other social, educational and economic goals of the town’s comprehensive planning process, now underway. The Fairpoint infrastructure developments are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018. The Governor’s press release may be seen at:

Stephentown's 2017 Calendar

The next Master Planning Committee Meeting will be held on February 27, 2017 at 7pm in the Conference Room.

To view the Adopted 2017 Stephentown Town Budget Click Here

To view the Adopted 2017 Fire District Budget Click Here
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 Senior's Club Meets: Every 1st Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Stephentown Fire Hall Pavilion


Please take notice!

The Town Clerk's Office will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th, 2017  for Memorial Day.

    If emergency please use the email addresses provided on the website pages. Thank you

Retirees of 2014 
Thank you for your 50 Years of Service!

The Town of Stephentown would like to personally Thank Judge Wesley Edwards the Senior Sitting Town Judge for the State of New York for his dedication and service of 50 years. It is difficult for all of us to see you retire after serving 50 years to this Town. Throughout the years you have contributed immensely to this Town and we can't Thank you enough! Your accomplishments are extraordinary! You will truly be missed.
Congratulations on your 50 year retirement!
Retirees of 2015
Thank you for All Your Years of Service!
 The Town of Stephentown would like to Thank Douglas Griswold (left) Highway Department Employee for his 32 years of service, and Ruth Rieger (right) Town Tax Collector for her 36 years of service. 
Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to the Town of Stephentown. 
Congratulations on your Retirement!
Retirees of 2016
Thank you for All Your Years of Service!
 The Town of Stephentown would like to Thank Thomas MacVeigh Sole Assessor 40 years of service, and Joan MacVeigh Clerk to the Assessor for her 36 years of service. 
Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to the Town of Stephentown. 
Congratulations on your Retirement!





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